Aromatherapy Leg & Foot Massage

30 minutes | £30.00


Experience the ultimate relaxation with our aromatic leg and foot massage. We combine the healing properties of essential oils with gentle massage techniques to alleviate fatigue, improve circulation, and release tension in your legs and feet. Indulge in this rejuvenating treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world.

During ancient civilizations, aromatic plants and oils have been used as incense, perfumes and cosmetics. Rituals were an integral part of cultures and traditions. For example in the East, they would use, sprigs of juniper to burn in Tibeton temples, in the West, they would use, Frankincense which is diffused in the Romon Catholic Moss. Aromatherapy has a strong connection to our smell- olfactory epithelium which triggers a memory psychologically as well as physical, emotional or mood. Through the skin aromatherapy essential oils can absorb, along the bloodstream by a working effect to increase blood circulation. Many oils can help reduce blood pressure. Other applications of essential oils are steam inhalation, diffusers with a
nebulizer, compresses and orally.


  • Circulation system-muscles and joints- Essential oils such as Lemon Grass and Lavender have warming effects that make the blood circulation better as well as the inner organs. From the warmth of the skin, it can provide pain reduction and some oils can reduce inflammation by expanding the blood vessels so the blood can flow quicker around the body.
  • Ease Menopause symptoms
  • Reduces tension in the legs and calms restlessness