Vicki is a professional holistic therapist and I highly recommend accessing a treatment with her. I have had reflexology and Indian head massage treatments which have helped my fibromyalgia and my anxiety. Vicki always listens and tailors her treatments to what I need. Vicki has great knowledge of what she does and I always feel in safe hands.


Swedish Massage - The massage treatments that Vicki gave me have helped me a lot. I have had hip and back pain as well as my hamstrings due to the nature of my work. As the treatment progressed my pain and discomfort started to ease. Vicki is very professional and the massage helped me relax and calm. Vicki explained and answered the questions I had.


Reflexology - I have a troubled left ankle which has been o problem for many years. It can be weak and swells due to an old injury. My balance has been a problem of late and I'm putting it down to older age.

Over time with the reflexology treatments that I have received from Vicki. I can see an improvement in my weak ankle, the swelling has reduced and feels more mobile when I am walking. My overall body balance has improved and I feel more grounded.


Aromatherapy - My muscles felt relaxed and free. Each session felt different afterwards which I did beforehand. The additional mixes Vicki provided for me to use on myself were amazing. I began to sleep easier and woke less in the night. I will definitely be receiving more treatments from Vicki in the future.


Indian Head Massage - I thoroughly enjoyed my Indian head massage from Vicki. Vicki applied the exact amount of pressure to use. Still checked that I was comfortable. The knots in my neck hove
eased to relaxation. I will be returning for another treatment.